The Age of Aquarius





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    Astrology is the complex coding behind our individualized experience. It is a written copy of the contracted experience our higher selves chose for our greatest and highest development. The minute you are “born” or log into this server, the present planetary energies are essentially DOWNLOADED into your experience, functioning like human astrological operating software. Very much like a cell phone that comes with a starter software, we then receive downloadable updates from the planetary transits that ALCHEMIZE our energies.


    We are now in the AGE of AQUARIUS and this is truly an exciting time for the collective conscious. Aquarius is ruled by the majestic planet URANUS which rules ELECTRICITY, TECHNOLOGY, REVOLUTION and INFORMATION. The sign of AQUARIUS rules ASTROLOGY and all other metaphysical sciences. The AGE of AQUARIUS has given birth to the internet which has made astrology accessible to the masses. We are now able to plug our birth information into a website and produce an ASTROLOGICAL NATAL BIRTH CHART which is essentially a snapshot of the solar system the minute you took your first breath. ASTROLOGY has PROVEN that our individualized expression is merely a reflection of the Planets specific and complex alignments during our time of birth. By the end of this two thousand year period, we will have become MASTERS of the TECHNOLOGY that is our bodies. Astrology is the SCIENCE of the FUTURE and will revolutionize our understanding of the human experience and its relationship to the cosmos.





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    Virgilio means staff bearer, warrior, leader in latin and I strive to embody that vibration in my work. I am here to guide you all to your paths. Astrology is the programming that governs our experience and by studying your astrological energy I can put you in touch with your souls mission.


    I have been studying astrology for six years now and practicing for three. I've become an expert in my field and have helped many people get in touch with their true purpose. I am a deeply spiritual and intuitive being who is in touch with his divinity and I look forward to helping you discover yours. I am a certified reiki practitioner and am adept at the art of divination using the tarot and connection to source to supplement my astrological readings.


    I have the astrological inclinations of someone who was seemingly designed for this work and I truly do eat sleep and breathe all things astrology. There was no place in this world for me so I created my own and I aim to share my truth in all that I do in hope to inspire others to do the same. I embody the master number 11 archetypal energy and I am Scorpio rising with my Moon in the 8th house. These energy channels allow me to dive beneath the surface of Astrology charts and find the root of your physical and emotional manifestations. With my Mercury in Aquarius and five Planets in Capricorn including my sun at 29º, I am a mystic at heart and live for the Occult.


    I do not ascribe to any one school of thought or system. With my Astrology readings I blend different house systems, seeing it very much like a solve for x equation where there can be many different ways in which to arrive at the same conclusion. I see life in the same way. I prefer to learn bits and peaces from every school of thought so that I can marry the ideas that resonate and create a perception that is objective and free of bias. This is what makes me adept at psychology and grief counseling, as I am able to see things from all sides of the spectrum and bring balance to my clients. With Mercury in the 4th house and Chiron in Cancer conjunct my moon, I am a healer by nature and take great joy in nurturing, coaching and encouraging other to tap into their souls mission and ascend to higher realms of consciousness.

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    The Sun- A Universal Deity As far back as 10,000 years humans have created carvings that depicted their love, worship and adoration of the Sun. It's pretty obvious to see why as every morning the Sun would rise saving them from the cold of night and providing life and vitality to the land,...
    Myself and other spiritual workers alike can attest to this fact; all most people care about is love and money. And I can't really blame them. We live in a capitalist society where it literally costs money to die and be put in the ground. We really need to work on changing that by the way… but...
    Water is such a powerful element. All the elements are, but there is lots to be said about water in particular. There is plenty of Air, Fire, and Earth running wild in the western psyche and culture -- Am I DOing enough? (fire) Do I HAVE enough? (earth) Have I THOUGHT of all my options? (air) **...
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